My Other Passion

I belong to a family of artists on my dads side. My Grandmother,  uncle, cousins and dad all oil paint. My success as an oil painter was short lived, try as I might. Then one day I stepped into a watercolor class and found my medium. Watercolor was much more forgiving than I had been told. It sure is less messy and less smelly! ha. I just dabble for enjoyment.

I am mostly inspired when I see another watercolor, as I was with this one.  I changed the colors and embellished a bit, but the artist who painted the original deserves the credit for inspiring me.  I could never sell this, as it was inspired from someone else's work and I can not take any credit for it. I love the vibrancy of the sailboat and the reflections in the water. It looks like freedom and courage and destiny to me. 

This artist also caught my attention, I love city scenes. I decided to add pen to the finished watercolor. I love the way it sets off the simple colors. City scenes invite me to travel and explore. Looking into a scene like this makes me want to climb in to shop, eat with the locals and stroll about the city in exploration.

This painting is a complete original. I painted this from a photograph taken by a friend in Alaska.  My goal was to do justice to the vibrant colors in that part of the world. It was really a fun painting to do. It was all about layering. I started with the background first and moved forward. A beautiful picture of when we put God first as our foundation everything else laid on top falls right into place.

I Want to Hear From You!


Writing is all about relationships. The relationship between the author and the reader. The relationships that inform our work. I cherish input from those that are interested in the stories I tell, and I would love to hear from you. Please join my email list or reach out through my contact page, and let's get to know each other!

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