I am available to speak with MOPs, Mom's Groups, Homeschool Co-ops, Preschools and Elementary classrooms. I would love to speak with parents or read to your children/students.

Topics: Writing, Power of Words, God's Love for all His children. 

Contact me: MicheleMccarthybooks@gmail.com


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Shattered, Stirred and Shaken

Family Net Interview

Aunt Ida Clare

Aunt Ida Clare

Rosalina is not quite sure what to think of their new  babysitter, Aunt Ida Clare. Aunt Ida Clare shares the purpose behind speaking life-giving words to an unsuspecting brother and sister. She is positively the best thing to happen to these impressionable children.




Daddy and Me

God's Plan

I never planned to write children's books. Well, I never planned to write at all. I've noticed my plans are not always God's plans.  What began as writing my own story, as I felt the Lord had asked me to do, turned into first one children's book, and a second now. 


It's now 2021. I look back at my life and see the Lord pointing me this direction but I never ever thought this was my ministry. Teaching Sunday school, leading Kid Power Camp, helping at Good News Clubs was sharing the gospel that needed to be shared. I never felt qualified. I raised my children. I was done. Finito in the children area. Now I know why some people call Him Jehovah Sneaky. He sure snuck this one up on me.

Step into the everyday life of a child.  From milk spills to bike wobbles, Dads have an opportunity to speak encouragement and love to their children who often have to try and try again as they are growing. Fun rhymes remind children they are unique and special and loved just the way they are.

we said to them about each other and how they should speak of each other.