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I never planned to write children's books. Well, I never planned to write at all. I've noticed my plans are not always God's plans.  What began as writing my own story, as I felt the Lord had asked me to do, has turned into first one children's book, and a second and now a third. He is now taking this to a whole new level, He nudged me to begin working with the elementary children at our church. That's carrying this this thing a little too far! Lol! My husband laughed when I shared with him I thought I was supposed to work with the children. He said it "had to be God!"


It's 2020 now and here I am writing and working with children. I am even going to speak in an elementary school. I look back at my life and see the Lord pointing me this direction but I never ever thought this was my ministry.  Teaching Sunday school, leading Kid Power Camp, helping at Good News Clubs was only filling in a gap, sharing the gospel that needed to be shared. I never felt qualified, I didn't feel I had what it took. I raised my children. I was done, complete and finito in the children area. Now I know why some people call Him Jehovah Sneaky. He sure snuck this one up on me.

Aunt Ida Clare

I am positively flabbergasted to declare Aunt Ida Clare should be making her inagural debut around September. Thank you Elk Lake Publishing for allowing me to introduce the unconventional, enthusiastic, word loving Aunt Ida Clare!




Daddy and Me is the first book I felt like the Lord wanted me to write. The idea came as I was rethinking the power of the tongue. My husband and I tried to be diligent about the  words we spoke to our children and the words we said to them about each other and how they should speak of each other.

I wanted to encourage parents to speak life into their children in a world that can be so negative. Children need to know that even if they don't have a father who lives in their home they have a heavenly Father who longs to speak life and love into each of His children who are all made in His image.

Speaking Schedule 2020

I spoke at Bethesda Christian school in January. It was so fun!

I Want to Hear From You!


Writing is all about relationships. The relationship between the author and the reader. The relationships that inform our work. I cherish input from those that are interested in the stories I tell, and I would love to hear from you. Please join my email list to receive an occasional short newsletter and please sign up on my blog page to receive notices that a new blog is out. I would love to hear from you, let's get to know each other!

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