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Divine Interventions are Imminent. Are You Ready?

How can I be so certain God will intervene? History. There are countless historical events where sin and wickedness increased to a tipping point, at which time God intervened. Think of the days of Noah, the days of the construction of the tower of Babel, the days of Korah’s rebellion, and more. Since the Bible is clear, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, we have every reason to expect He will show up strong and very soon, given the increased exposure of evil. But the question we must answer is, will we be found on the side of truth or deception when God intervenes?

The enemy of God, satan, is known as the father of lies–he is a master of deception. Perhaps the greatest deception he has managed is to cause people to believe he doesn’t exist. In that way he can go about all his wicked, destructive schemes without any resistance. What do you believe about satan?

What we believe determines what we experience in life, and in the life hereafter. And if you’re inclined to think there is no afterlife, you have another evidence you are deceived. I am among those who can testify of life after death. I suffered sudden cardiac arrest. I died and experienced what I call the threshold of heaven. Because of what I believed at the time the enemy tried to take me out, I experienced the threshold of heaven and God’s glorious presence, His assurance of my destiny, and His assignment to finish my purpose on earth.

My purpose is to devote all my time to help people discover and live in life-giving truth and the hope truth provides. The truth is we are living in days where both evil and righteousness are exponentially increasing. The enemy and his followers have administered sinister plans against humanity under the cloak of deception. Governments, leaders, media, big tech, social media and more have worked overtime to prevent people around the world from knowing truth. Are you among those who are deceived? Remember, the nature of deception means the victim is unaware of their condition. The only way for a person to come out of deception is for them to come face to face to a shocking challenge that forces them to reconsider what they believe.

And I firmly believe world events since early 2020 have been used by God to shock as many people as possible into discovering truth. Observing current events, listening to the voice of God through prayer, prophets and teachers we can discover truth even in the midst of gross darkness, unless of course you believe you have already found truth. There are people who have utterly made their minds up about what they believe to be true. They base their very life on what they believe to be true. When confronted with facts that are contrary with what they believe, instead of reconsidering their “truth” they refute the facts with claims they are false. As someone once said, “The facts are really annoying once you’ve made your mind up.”

No one knowingly chooses deception. No one wants to be deceived, yet many are, and because of the nature of deception they are unaware of their condition. The only way a person is able to recognize deception they’ve been under is for an event or series of events to occur that consistently challenge the validity of the belief system. And I believe this is precisely the intervention God is doing on earth today. Let me offer a story to illustrate my point of how the enemy uses our trust to deceive us, by working through those who seek power and control.

Living in an enchanting forest, the squirrels, rabbits, and deer lived generations after generations, and enjoyed their peaceful lives. The stronger and more aggressive bears and raccoons wanted the section of the forest the timid animals occupied so they devised a plan to control them. The bears and racoons joined efforts to gradually rule over the squirrels, rabbits, and deer. Their plan was to pretend to be protectors for the timid creatures, while actually increasing their control over them. The bears and racoons convinced the squirrels, rabbits and deer to allow them to keep them safe and able to continue to flourish. Little by little the timid animals saw their numbers dwindling, but there was no evidence of foul play. Besides, the bears and racoons assured the timid creatures of their vow to protect them. And so life in the forest continued with the evil plan of the bears and racoons undetected, as the timid creatures trusted their protectors.

After years of this arrangement, a couple of the most powerful bears and racoons decided they wanted to expedite their takeover and convinced a few of their own to be even more aggressive and expedite their takeover plan. The other bears and racoons who didn’t readily agree with the more aggressive bears and racoons, were bribed then blackmailed and thereby forced to work with them.

God was aware of the evil intent of the bears and racoons and carefully observed all they did in secret to promote their evil takeover plan. And in His perfect timing, God sent a little bird to fly over the forest then tell the squirrels, rabbits and deer what the bird saw. Gradually more birds were sent out reporting a little at a time so not to overwhelm the timid animals. For a long time, the timid animals didn’t believe the reports, believing all that talk was for the birds

One year the bears and racoons decided to pillage the timid animal’s food and water supply to cause them to willingly move out from their part of the forest. Then the take over could happen quicker. Many of the timid animals got sick and died. Yet, God continued to send the birds to bring truth to the timid animals. The more knowledgeable the squirrels, rabbits and dear became, the more the bold they became in righteous anger. Finally enough realized they’d been lied to and actually harmed by the bears and racoons, and that’s when God showed up. The bears and racoons thought they were the most powerful beings of the forest, but were quickly caused to realize they were not. God held the bears and racoons accountable for their evil and the squirrels, rabbits and deer were rescued and restored to their new area in the forest even better than they previously enjoyed and now with a new and proper respect and relationship with God, their Creator.

From that story consider our present day reality. We have been raised to trust government has our best interest in mind at all times. We have been taught to trust science. We trust doctors and the medical community work only to enhance our health. When people lifted their voices questioning our government, scientists and medical professionals, media rose up to silence the talk and dismiss and discredit the reports as conspiracy theories. But more and more people became aware that things just don’t make sense. And today, what was for the birds and called conspiracy theories is being proven before our very eyes.

God is currently intervening to make us aware of the gross evil perpetrated against humanity. God is waking people up to the evil and corruption that has been operating undetected for decades upon decades in our midst. Hosea 4:6 clearly states God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. God wants us to be informed and armed with the truth so that we will not be deceived.

I’m not the only one who has expressed opinion that what we’ve experienced with the onset of COVID-19, the overreach of government responding to the virus, the remedies presented to control the virus and supposedly protect people, and the unprecedented push to have people accept experimental injections that have not been proven are a foreshadow of how future events recorded in the book of Revelation will be successful. Robin D. Bullock, a well respected prophetic teacher, expressed in a recent interview that he believes a deception even greater than what we’ve experienced is coming. Then he accurately stated, “The more truth we know the more difficult it is for us to be deceived.”

The most important thing any of us can do today is to diligently seek to discover truth, and make certain we align ourselves with truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God. Then we won’t be able to be deceived when the enemy tries again, which the book of Revelation clearly indicates he will. As painful as this past year and a half has been, it has actually been a time of preparation for God’s people.

With my podcasts I seeks to understand and interpret current events in light of Scriptures and prophecy, so as God’s people, we can respond in victorious faith, and not fail because of fear. I’d love to hear from you. Please use the comments section below to let me know your thoughts about this article.

Pamela Christian is an American author with her multi award-winning book series, and host of the podcast “Faith to Live By” available on Charisma Podcast Network. Pam is scheduled to be interviewed on Clay Clark’s Thrive Time Show later in June. Watch for details to hear the interview and learn how you can be part of God’s intervention. As God exposes corruption and administers justice, He will work through His people to reveal truth, expose the lies and empower the faithful. You are needed in these exciting times to take your rightful place and fulfill your purpose. Also, make plans now to attend Clay Clark’s Health and Freedom Open Up America conferences. Learn more here.

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