• Michele McCarthy

Will Evil Prevail?

by Michele McCarthy

For the life of me, I don't comprehend the positions of some who call themselves Christians right now. Pastors who claim to be pro-life who voted for Biden—a man who represents a party that believes in killing babies as late as nine months in the womb and even after birth. A party who has for months on end encouraged violence in democratic run cities, wanted to defund the police and have let criminals out of jail.


Christians claiming they couldn’t vote for President Trump because of his tone or his tweets, nevertheless supported democrats spewing anti-American vitriol and using vulgar words to vilify our Commander in Chief, a man who loves our country, supports the police, the military, the family, Israel, freedom of religion and life. Life.

As is written in Romans Chapter 1, we are living the times where evil will be called good, and good will be called evil. Another very appropriate scripture for the last few decades in America is found in Proverbs.

Rescue the perishing; don’t hesitate to step in and help. If you say, “Hey, that’s none of my business,” will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know— Someone not impressed with weak excuses. (Proverbs 24:11-12 The Message)

Where are the bold, the righteous, the God fearing Christians? Unfortunately, there are many who are clueless, who aren’t even aware of what Biden/Harris stand for. Should Biden be sworn in as our next President, will we have fair elections again? Will we have an election again? Will we be stripped of freedom of speech even further than is being done currently? Will churches continue to stay closed? Will mask mandates stay in effect until 2022, as Biden has stated? Will Biden strip our rights to bear arms as he has stated?

How long will Christians tolerate (a word that means leave alone, put your head in the sand) the atrocities happening in America? Most Christian’s I know who have a degree of knowledge of these wicked schemes of the enemy aren’t speaking out right now. This is not a party issue. There is blatant evil on both sides. Many Pastors are not speaking out, for fear of persecution. How is that caring for their sheep? Sheep who will be carried off to slaughter should the elite democrats and RINO’s have their way. Many of our founding fathers were pastors. Don’t use the separation of church and state card, that phrase is not even part of our Constitution.

The Presidential election on November 3, 2020 was the most fraudulent election in American history, but governors, judges and yes even “Christians” are turning a blind eye. Our Country is fighting the biggest battle since 1776 – a battle against communism, against the evil elites who believe they can control when we come and go, tell us to wear a mask (doesn’t the devil just love us covering our faces – the image of God. Isn’t God smart giving us an immune system that does not require a mask.). These people want to control how large our family gatherings are, whether we can celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, whether our small businesses will survive, which vaccines we must take, what news we are allowed to hear and what opinions/truth we are allowed to share on social media.

I ask you, are you sounding the warning bell? Are you taking the time to learn the truth from reliable sources? Are you contacting your elected officials? Are you warning your friends? If not, are you fearing man or God? What are your weak excuses?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

I would add to that for good men to say nothing.

Even worse, I fail to understand those who began the fight against this evil and yet in this final hour have given up. How dare you say God is turning America over to the wicked one. Do we not serve a miracle working God? Didn’t 75 to 85 million patriots vote for a man who supports Israel, the unborn and God? Haven’t Christians all over the world bent their knee in repentance and prayed? Didn’t our President give the gospel message at Christmas, right from the White House balcony? Why are “Christians” back peddling? Why are prophets apologizing? Why are “Christians” joining the cries of the 10 spies and neglecting to believe the omniscient, undefeatable, perfect God of miracle working powers?

May I remind you scripture is replete with God’s miracles in dire times. May I remind you God saved the righteous out of Sodom and Gomorrah and God saved the righteous in Noah’s day. God kept every curse away from the Israelites which He imposed on the Egyptians, God saved the righteous when Achan sinned in the camp, and God saved Rahab out of Jericho. God saved the Jews from Haman’s plot. I don’t recall an instance in Scripture where God abandoned millions of believers for Satan to destroy. Are we not living in the dispensation of Grace?

To believe God is abandoning America, a country founded on Biblical principles, a country with a mission to share the gospel around the world, is to not understand God’s character. God does not abandon His children. The bible has ample proof of that fact.

There is still time. If you are not awake yet, contact me and I can get you some resources. Let your vote count in 2022. Write letters to those in leadership. Get on your knees and pray for the release of the miracles God is going to unleash. God hears our prayers. He hears our words. What are you speaking out loud? Defeat? Dismay? Dread?

Don’t side with the voice of the enemy. Stand up and be a Joshua or Caleb.

Trust God to intervene in a way that only He gets the glory. Trust God to show up, show out and bring many into His fold.

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