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Weaving words, wit and wisdom to equip Believers to live the abundant life -
because changing your words can change your life.

I am a lover and relentless pursuer of Jesus. I see Him and hear Him everywhere. I am passionate about sharing hope and the MORE available for every believer. God is so creative; He speaks to us in a variety of ways and wants us to respond to His love, affection and direction. I love reading to children (students) and seeing the joy as they are reminded how much God loves them and is with them and wants to lead them to their destiny.


I am an author, teacher and speaker. I taught middle school Grammar and Reading. I am a wife, mom and grandmom to six grandchildren. If I have a piece of paper I doodle and draw, and I can't keep my head out of a book. I enjoy journaling and writing poetry, but I never thought I would become an author. Never say never! 


I would love to connect with you!                              


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