Are you aware of the amazing destiny God has for you?

              Are you ready to shatter complacency, timidity and fear?

There truly is so much more than any of us can think or imagine. An experience with the Living God extinguishes life as usual. Unfortunately, the full gospel is rarely taught. Believing and receiving spiritual gifts and authority in Christ empowers your walk and allows us all to impact the world around us. God has a present and future for you above and beyond your imagination. I'd been a Believer, a Christ follower for decades when God opened my eyes to the whole truth.

I am a writer, teacher and speaker. I am a wife, mom and Gigi. I am passionate about Jesus and revealing the MORE Holy Spirit has for every Believer. 

Nothing thrills me more than communicating the love of Jesus - the power of Spiritual gifts and the authority we have through Christ. 


Open wide the box you (and I) can easily put God in and begin your exciting journey.