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 Are you searching? A new Christian? An experienced believer? Fed up or dried up? As a Christian for decades, I recently learned the scope of the gospel is beyond everything I had ever been taught.

Allow yourself to set aside preconceived notions. Unwrap the box we easily put God in to take hold of the "more" He offers.

walk with me in a story of healing, hunger, and humor. Undiluted transparency, a medical horror story, perplexed church leaders, and zany God encounters fold together into an unexpected adventure with Jesus. Your name is on the invitation.

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Shattered, Stirred
     and Shaken 
Aunt Ida Clare

Kidz Lit Early Readers Award Winner

Hardback $20.00 


Softcover $10.00 

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Rosalina is not quite sure what to think of their new babysitter, her Aunt Ida Clare. Aunt Ida is quite the sight. Aunt Ida Clare declares the truth and purpose behind speaking life giving words to an unsuspecting brother and sister when she whips out her shiny little object.  She is positively the best thing to happen to these impressionable children one school day afternoon. 

Chris S. Manion -  Amazon Review:

She's got spunk, a sense of herself, nevermind what others think. A kind of Cat in the Hat and Mary Poppins rolled together in a very delightful way. Children will adore Aunt Ida Clare.

Double award-winning children's fiction book

    Hardback $15.00
    Softcover $10.00
    Tax included

Step into the everyday life of a child.  From milk spills to bike wobbles, Dads have an opportunity to speak encouragement and love to their children who often have to try and try again as they are growing. Fun rhymes remind children they are unique and special and loved just the way they are.

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