Aunt Ida has arrived!

Rosalina is not quite sure what to think of their new babysitter, her Aunt Ida Clare. Aunt Ida is quite the sight. Rosalina’s Daddy calls her flamboyant. Aunt Ida Clare declares the truth and purpose behind speaking life giving words to an unsuspecting brother and sister when she whips out her shiny little object.  She is positively the best thing to happen to these impressionable children one school day afternoon.

Hardback $20/softcover $10 tax included Pay with Venmo @michele-mccarthy-7 or Zelle:
or text a request @817-658-6453

A Funny  Thing  Happened  on 

My  Way from Here to  There


 I've finished the manuscript for my big people bookthe working title is A Funny Thing happened on My Way from Here to There. It is my journey from pursuit to presence to power to passion-as I have walked with Jesus. It is laced with trials, triumphs, tears and tenderness including a pinch of dignity loss on the side. When it is available, I pray it will open your eyes, make you laugh, and encourage your own walk with the Lord.

    Hardback $15.00
    Softcover $10.00
I Want to Hear From You!


Writing is all about relationships. The relationship between the author and the reader. The relationships that inform our work. I cherish input from those that are interested in the stories I tell, and I would love to hear from you. Please join my email list to receive an occasional short newsletter and please sign up on my blog page to receive notices that a new blog is out. I would love to hear from you, let's get to know each other!

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