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   Understanding your ability!             

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   Understanding your identity!             


   Understanding your destiny!             

1st Place - 2021 Best Fiction Children's Book

2nd Place - 2021 Children's Fiction Book of the Year 

Kidz Lit Early Readers Award Winner

Let Aunt Ida Clare charm your children with her splendiferous vocabulary, her hidden gem and her treasured instruction. She is positively the best thing to happen to these impressionable children one school day afternoon. 


She's got spunk, a sense of herself, never mind what others think. A kind of Cat in the Hat

and Mary Poppins rolled together in a very delightful way. Children will adore Aunt Ida Clare. 

                                           Chris S. Manion  


Aunt Ima, armed with kindness, charm and a huge vocabulary, teaches a lesson about seeing people these girls will never forget. Soon the girls are bursting with creative ideas to share their discovery.

The second in a very entertaining series. This book not only teaches positive
values and spiritual truths in a way children can understand, but it also is educational...helping children learn some great new vocabulary words....
I knew Ima had a big purse, so I set out to find just the right one. After all, a girl has to do research - even if it means shopping  for a purse!

Let Aunt Iva Story charm your family while she tells her story at the family reunion. Aunt Ida Clare and Aunt Ima Mazing, Iva's sisters are the best ever, but as a triplet she needs her own path. She 'll encourage every child to find God's plan for their lives as well! 


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