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Seeds and Supplies

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel. Proverbs 1:5 (NASB)

Paper and pencils and books, oh my!

Piles of notebooks, paper, crayons, pens and backpacks line the shelves that greet incoming customers right now. Back to school talk circulates. “I hope I have Ms. Smith this year.”, “I can’t believe summer is almost over.” and “Who’s class are you in?” conversations dominate the air.

New school supplies feel like promises yet to be fulfilled. Empty notebooks await new ideas and crisp, unread books beckon. Office supply and bookstores smell of organization and potential. A glimpse down the aisles, messy from the crowds of buyers, unleashes memories of beginning many new school years myself.

Some dread heading back to classrooms and harbor only bad memories of school supplies, studying and tests. Some juggle work hours and school and get by on overload. Others muddle through the business of school only to get to the pep rallies and social functions.

Church attendance can have different motives as well. Some claim being drugged… “drug” to church every Sunday by a zealous family member. A few come, slip through the doors and back out again, subconsciously fulfilling an “obligation” to check the box. Some listen to fill their storehouse with knowledge. Others are excited to worship and anticipate revelation from the Holy Spirit they can put into practice.

These variations remind of Jesus’ parable of the sower. The Good News seed was sown but some was eaten by the birds of the air. Here the gospel wasn’t understood and was snatched from their heart. Other seeds sprang up quickly, but in the shallow, rocky soil without a root, trouble came, and the growth withered. Still some seed fell among the thorns, and as the seed grew the worries of the world choked out the plant. Finally, some seed fell on good soil. It was heard and nourished and produced a crop-thirty, sixty or one hundred times what was sown. (Matthew 13:1-23)

I’m blessed with a love of learning, so school was never a dreaded event for me. I attended school last fall to learn more about living out my Christian faith. Yet as much as l love to learn, I still need to care for the seeds, lest they become piles of knowledge with no application. I need a desire for the new truths to be understood, well rooted, nourished and uninfluenced by this life.

Attending Lifestyle Christianity University, as a life-long Christian now with grandchildren, taught me deeper identity in Christ, how to love like Jesus does and how to step out like the believers in Acts. I learned a way to read Scripture that assures His word is spoken into my heart and mind as I soak in the truth.

I will forever be learning. I am always eager to peruse bookstores and load up on journals, sticky notes and highlighters. Yet the more I learn about Jesus, the more I realize I don’t know. His mercies are new every morning. His plans are fresh each day. God wants us to seek Him with excitement. Bad memories and dread will never describe your time with the God who stares at you with love in His eyes. He longs for you to look up and see His smile. Be His student, for in His presence is fullness of joy. (Psalm 16:11)

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness. 1 Timothy 3:16

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