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Daddy and Me has Arrived!

I feel like I have birthed another first child. This child took his sweet time incubating. While not enduring the physical pain of child birth, I do have gargantuan stretch marks-proving I was stretched throughout the process. I’ve anticipated the arrival and thought it would never come. I’ve learned things I never knew I needed to know, taken classes in preparation, spent more money than I budgeted-yes much like a first child.

It could be the longest pregnancy in recorded history. Three years, 100’s of emails, 63 computer files, 36 lines, and Ta-Da – His arrival is imminent. Not without the help of my genius I.T. husband, my friend and illustrator Lorrie, my publisher, my son and all my encouragers along the way. It really does take a village to birth a book.

Ah, finally, the tiny little story that the Lord woke me up with in 2016 is on paper. I can hold him in my arms. His arrival in a box on the front porch clearly easier than hours of contractions. The story of a little boy going through an ordinary little boy day---with milk spills and bike wobbles. His Daddy, of course his biggest encourager, when things don’t go as planned.

We all need to be reminded of the important and impactful role we play in children’s lives. And even adult lives, as we can choose carefully the words we speak.

My goal is for this little book to encourage children and parents, then remind us all we also have a heavenly Father--the best and most important encourager of all.

Thanks for celebrating with me, the birth of Daddy and Me.

Join us for an afternoon of celebration April 14, 4:00-6:00pm

244 Bayne Road, Haslet, TX 76052

You may order a book from my website after April 14, 2019. I look forward to your feedback!

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