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Finalist Serious Writer of the Year 2020

3rd Place BRMCWC Foundations Award

 Join me on this beautiful journey. Are you aware of the amazing destiny God has for you and your children and grandchildren? Are you ready to shatter complacency, timidity and fear? An experience with the Living God extinguishes life as usual. Believing and receiving spiritual gifts and authority in Christ empowers your walk and allows us all to impact the world around us. God has a present and future for you above and beyond your imagination. I'd been a Believer, a Christ follower for decades when God opened my eyes to the more available. You will be glad you didn't wait another day. 


I couldn’t put it down. The beautiful way you write, the vulnerable and genuine way you share your story and the powerful way you have unity with the Trinity is so life-giving. Thank you for taking the time to write your story down. 

                                                                    Lauren Mulvey

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